Chimeras Entertainment Metaverse
Chimeras is a thrilling mobile free-to-play and play-to-earn game with the integrated DeFi farming and NFTs
Chimeras Open
Beta is on
Chimeras Open Beta is on

The Chimeras Metaverse Open Beta is available now. Our main goal is to test the game mechanics and infrastructure on a large number of players to ensure a smooth transition to Global Launch. We're excited to welcome everyone into the amazing world of Chimeras!

Metaverse story

Alathor, the Creator, raised the islands from the depths of Chaos, setting the magic spell of binding on the lands. The Chimeras – the firstborn of the creatures and the shapers of the world came into being.

But the magic crystals, rich with the essence of the land, corrupted the hearts and souls of the sorcerers, bringing endless trials and suffering upon the islands. Pain and bloodshed flowed in the wake of magic until a final battle brought an end to conflicts that had raged for millennia.


Seek your fortune in the rich lands of the Chimeras Metaverse, and extract priceless valuables in mines, temples, and great trees that will serve to build your island, your economy, and your fate.

The Farming feature allows players to use their Chimeras as workers in a spectrum of buildings designed to yield valuable resources, which can be used for developing islands in-game


Become the ultimate sorcerer, brew powerful potions, elixirs, and items to do magic of the highest degree, and cast shattering spells on your enemies!

Improve your Chimeras with potions, and watch them toil away with double effort in the mines, or turn your Chosen Ones into unstoppable warriors who will fight for your glory in the Arena.


Summon mighty Chosen Ones with mystical stones, improve their combat prowess, engage in epic battles, win tournaments and reap the glory and rewards of the Arena!

The Battle feature pits players of Chimeras against one another, letting them send their Chosen One into combat on the Arena, where skills and upgrades mean the difference between victory and defeat.


Combine mastery of resources and breed another Chimera to join the ranks of your miners and warriors!

The Breeding mechanic lets players cross and breed their own Chimeras of choice and grant them an array of abilities. The rarer and more powerful the Chimera – the greater the price it will fetch as an NFT on the Marketplace.


The curse or blessing will affect your target, draining them of energy and feeding your appetite for destruction, or creation!

The curses and blessings are a series of buffs that have both positive and negative effects on their targets. Every curse can be healed, but special potions and spells will be required to do so

Lands (Coming soon)

The world of Chimeras is all about the land, the islands, bountiful with resources!

Lands in the Chimeras Metaverse serve as islands that players can use to erect new buildings, dig new mines, and breed their Chimeras. Islands can be upgraded, bought, or sold on the internal Marketplace as an NFT. The more attractive and resource-rich the island, the more players can fetch for it!

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Development studio REDPILL team

Chimeras was developed from top to bottom by RedPill Studio, a full-cycle blockchain-based solutions and graphics design company with extensive experience in game development.

The in-house team created this tier-1 product by combining talents from Game Development, Blockchain, and Art directions.